Traditional Thai Genital Massage

(นวดกะษัย โบราณ) or Karsai massage. The very old style of Traditional Thai Genital Massage Treatment is a sexual and sensual massage of the genital areas of both men and women and is a traditional Thai method of promoting individual well-being. This treatment is invasive and for men takes the form of prolonged massage of the testicles and penis to delay ejaculation and for women prolonged non-penetrative massage of the outer and inner virgina.

The benefits for Traditional Thai Genital massage are:
1. Virginal folds
2. The discharge of urinary impurities
3. Improvements in the rate and quality of urinary flow and improvement in eating patterns
4. Sleep patterns and general relaxation. In some instances there is improvement in male erectile function, although this is not guaranteed.
5. Improvement to your sex life
6. Problems with premature ejaculation
7. Helps improve your reactions (Depending on your life style, for example, smoking, drinking, bad diets are not ideal). Some clients might take longer to get result. In that case I recommended you need to take from 5-10 courses of treatments. I offer a discount for clients who have booked and paid in advanced.

This treatment can be very powerful and is not available for anyone under age of eighteen years.

Before you book think and decide if you need this treatment. If you are not really sure about this or you have particular health concerns, it is advised to check with your GP